About LR Pipeline Services

As a premier oil pipeline contractor serving energy clients throughout the Permian Basin for the past 12 years, LR Pipeline Services has learned that continued success is not possible without the ability to build unmatched rapport with its clientele. Our goal as a pipeline installation company has never been to work for you. Rather, we strive to work with you to form a lasting personal partnership to solve your energy needs by working together. We understand that as a company, we can only accomplish meaningful relationships with our clients by way of expert product offerings and unmatched installation, maintenance, construction and repair services.

Industry Leading

LR Pipeline Services guarantees to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of every energy company we work with. Our portfolio of ancillary service offerings are geared toward helping companies in the oil and gas sector optimize their functionality; pipeline construction and maintenance, fabrication, horizontal directional drilling and more. We provide these services in an efficient and timely manner while always putting an emphasis on providing premier service first.

Contact Us

To speak to LR Pipeline Services about your project’s needs, we encourage you to contact or call us directly at 254-722-2153. For more information we encourage you to view our oil pipeline installation and repair services page and oil fill construction page.

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