Recent Projects

LR Pipeline a division of LR Commercial Construction Inc. specializes in complicated projects. LR has the engineers and manpower to overcome obstacles when other companies would be stymied.

2015: $6 Million Shell – Motiva, Convent, Louisiana. Project Gas Export

Scope of project: dismantle and remove the existing unit consisting of compressor, piping, pipe rack, towers and all associated material. The unit was located in a live, active location of the unit. Time allowed for removal was seven weeks. Tonnage was calculated at 750 tons.

Project completed on time with zero accidents

2015: $10 Million Demolition of the Lab Building, located at Shell / Motiva, Convent, La.

Scope: demolish, load and remove the contents of 20,000 square feet of a brick and mortar structure. The facility was located in a permitted area of the facility.

Project completed on time with zero accidents

The Challenge – 2015 Permian Basin.

Concho Resources needed to add 100 miles of 8 inch high pressure water line, stretching from south of Odessa right through the heart of the Permian Basin.

In 2015 there are countless surface lines, production lines, sales lines, water lines as well as Interstate highways, farm to market roads and major loops. How do you install a pipeline underneath all of these obstacles and do it in the time frame requested by management?

The Solution

Find a contractor who has a stellar safety record. Find a contractor that puts Safety as their top priority every day, all day. Find one that has a very aggressive drug policy. Find one that will consider the quality of the job done, to be as important as it is to the Oil Company.

The Results

After vetting other contractors including one of the biggest in the marketplace, COG hires LR Commercial Construction Inc. With Bert Vandiver, Andy Lella and Mark Livengood leading the company, LR arrived Permian Basin within 2 weeks of winning the contract with 40 people and equipment. LR’s team of managers and engineers had already mapped out a game plan on how to accomplish the task. Work began in late September of 2014 and the pipeline was finished on April 23, 2015.

Below is the list of accomplishments.

The longest Flexsteel pipeline installation in the continental United States
7 months to complete with Christmas and New Years Holidays falling in our schedule.
612 pipeline line crossings
139 road crossings
2 major loop crossings
110 power lines
2 – 1500 feet wetland crossings
1 airport runway crossing
Zero accidents
Less than 1/2 of 1 percent in waste